Street art as a direction of artistic design

Street art (eng. Street - street) is one of the most influential areas of the underground since the days of punk. This is a new art form that has grown from graffiti and the use of such styles as minimal art, collage, assemblage, fluxus, conceptual art. Street art is the art of a new generation, using stickers, stencils, posters, spatial assemblages and installations, socio-sculpture and "neo-readymade" (new "ready-made things") in order to leave a memory of yourself by any means.

Pop art as a direction of artistic design

Pop art (Eng. Pop-art - "popular" art) - a trend in the art of late modernism, uses real household items, photo collages, posters, advertisements in its compositions to create outrageous surrogates of art - the "remains" of civilization. Introduced in 1956 by Lawrence Yelouem, pop art was called "anti-art" (G. Reid), "a perversion from art" (Platner), "a mixture of panopticon and trash can" (K. Borev). Contrary to harsh reviews, the art of pop art has become widespread in American culture and has influenced architecture and design.

Botan Collection by Benedetta Tagliabue

Italian designer Benedetta Tagliabu has created a wonderful series of modular upholstered furniture for Passione Nature. Sofa, pouffe and peninsula are perfectly combined with each other, forming whimsical flowers from a magical garden, because it is not for nothing that the collection was called Botan, which means “peony” in Japanese. At the base of the sofa there is a wooden element, and the “body” is made of fabric. Solid wood frame, toxin-free glue, natural linen and cotton - the materials for the collection are exclusively environmentally friendly. The fabrics are made in the same color scheme, but with different patterns, in order to enhance the “floral” effect when combining several items. Printed with Eco Label certified inks.