Interior design

The interior design of the apartment is modern and tasteful

Speaking about the trends of modern interior design in Ukraine and Kyiv in particular, one cannot fail to mention about housing and office premises made in loft style. This direction was born in the 40s of the last century, in a city that was not is unjustifiably considered a legislator of high style - New York. The services of an interior designer were needed both for residents of Kyiv and for the regions.

"Loft" means "attic" in English. And such a concept and direction, primarily in architecture, as "loft design" appeared thanks to the use of abandoned factories and factories, mainly in Manhattan, under apartments, cafes, showrooms and offices. Incredible popularity, which is not lost over the decades, loft style design purchased from 50s of the same century. It is associated with the name of the talented artist Andy Warhol and his "Factory". Today you can order loft-style apartment design services not only from private designers, but also from studios engaged in this professionally. Today, the services of a designer and architect are needed not only for conversion into housing and offices factories, but also for design in ordinary multi-apartment buildings. Order only high-quality and professional projects from interior designers, their services for the design of apartments and houses will be more expensive, but significantly will differ in quality. You should not save money on the services of a designer, because you will want it all your life. Order only the best services of an interior designer in our studio and you will not regret it.

What is the reason for the longevity of the direction and services of the designer?

First of all, in its incredible simplicity and functionality. Here, wooden furniture looks harmonious with brick wall, open ventilation pipes and factory devices. Large and wide windows, often without curtains, allow you to make the most of natural lighting during daylight hours and visually increase the space. It especially important for the development of design of small interiors.

Furniture plays the role of walls-partitions, and zoning occurs due to the separation of one of the four walls into another color. For loft-style kitchen design, such a visual find is an indisputable advantage. If talk about gamut shades, most often calm, cold shades are used in interior design.

The services of an interior designer nowadays are not a luxury, but a necessary and purposeful solution. Services designer, prices and the style of which may differ from each other, suitable for a wide audience. Now designer services for apartments and houses can be afforded by almost everyone. Prices for interior designer services may vary depending on the style with which he works. For example, design services for an ordinary Khrushchev apartment can be no more than $1,000. While the price of interior design services for apartments in Kyiv in central areas, where there are both mansions and elite new buildings can reach tens of thousands of dollars. If you are interested in designer services, price at every type of work of our studio is indicated in the corresponding section "Prices", where designer services as well as services architect in our studio have an affordable cost.

Order interior designer services from professionals

In such a symbiosis of seemingly unrelated elements, an atmosphere of stylish comfort and coziness is created. However, catch this delicate balance when designing the interior design of an apartment, house or office only by force to high-level professionals working in the Z.Design workshop. We implemented a large number of orders design of apartments and interiors, photos of which are posted on the website.

Why should you order an interior design project in Kyiv from our specialists:
  • The workshop has existed for more than a year and has brought together experienced, talented and creative designers-architects. They have successfully developed and implemented a huge number of interior design projects. In your portfolio meet bright interior design of a nursery, stylish interiors of apartments, cozy cafes and even strict offices. Order services designer nowadays it is very simple and sometimes even necessary.
  • Taking on the design of the Internet In the interior of the house, a person often does not represent the final result. Choosing wallpaper, furniture and accessories it comes from the "like/dislike" options. Ultimately, this leads to an imbalance. between elements. The designer sees a comprehensive picture (interior design and their photos can be found at site). Having ordered the services of an interior designer, you will be 100% satisfied with the result.
  • A true specialist knows the value of his reputation. Therefore, we do not use cheap and poor quality material. That is why master interior design projects in Kyiv have been implemented are different its aesthetics and quality. The price of the service of an interior designer will surely surprise and delight you availability

Contact the high-class specialists of ZUB ROMAN ARCHITECTS and order the interior design of the apartment in Kyiv is very simple. It is enough to call the numbers specified in the "Contacts" section. Cost apartment designer services from the company ZUB ROMAN ARCHITECTS will surely please you.

Apartment designer services: prices, types of work, terms

We can always agree on the price of the design of your apartment, and you will be satisfied with the designer's services interiors and not only. You can also familiarize yourself with all the works of the studio by clicking on the corresponding block on site or by going to another section. Our design and development works are collected in the "Interior design" section interior design for individual objects and buildings. We tried to share with you the best design ideas interiors in Kyiv and Ukraine, which we did for our dear customers. Services of our interior designer studio are diverse and include a large list of works that you can familiarize yourself with on the appropriate section of the website under under the name "Prices", where interior designer services, prices and types of work are listed depending on various factors. Also we have divided designer services by subject so that it is easier for you to choose the appropriate service and interior design for you were not so monotonous. According to the terms, interior design is determined individually depending on the project and customer needs. Also, depending on the type of work, the cost of the designer's services and the terms for its execution will change. If if you are not sure or don't know what to order or want to consult on the issue of interior design, feel free call us on the indicated phones on the sites and order professional designer services in Kyiv.