Item design

Item design

Decorating the interior of the room does not stop at the choice of style, design, color and texture, materials from which manufactured furniture. Small details, decorations and accessories in the room play an important role. More and more popular type item design.

Technology and purpose of object/industrial design

The essence and task of industrial design in Ukraine is to produce original, unique, individual interior details from items created as a result of industrial production. Materials from which they are made similar accessories can be any. The most important thing in this design of interior items is their external beauty, style, sophistication and originality. In addition to the aesthetic function, objects - the result of industrial activity - have the nature of the functional device, which will be necessary for use in everyday life.

First of all, designers reflect their idea on paper or a mock-up, and then with absolute accuracy implement the idea in life. After the first drafts of a sketch and the production of an approximate layout, professionals in their field construct and make a prototype of the desired part. A mandatory condition of item design in Ukraine is its use as raw material products of industrial production, which complicates the work of designers. But as a result, you get a unique one an individual detail of the interior.

This technology is unique in its manufacturing, because designers do not use it as a raw material standard usual materials from which most of the interior details are made, and with the help of an artistic professional look, they create masterpieces of design from ordinary products of industrial production. Item design in Kyiv is the most exotic and sophisticated method in the process of decorating the room.

Order industrial design in Kyiv

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