The surrounding world sometimes seems monotonous. It does not help a modern person to have a carefree perception of life. We strive to create an environment where architecture and nature are in harmony. Architecture, unlike painting and calligraphy, cannot disappear. It will always evolve, and it is important for us architects to consider the silhouettes of the future. Our bureau tries to discover the unconscious in architecture - eternal and not dependent on fashion.

Comfort is a state of mind, it cannot be achieved by decorating. The residential interior is maximally oriented to the personality of the customer. It is similar to a shell designed to protect the privacy of the host. Private space does not allow foreign ideas, objects, concepts into its territory. A properly designed private interior should be perceived as a portrait of the owner.

There are a number of principles relevant to any project:

Our time is characterized by the speed of information exchange, and therefore the art of choice comes to the fore. A careful selection of ideas, objects, and concepts is the basis of the evolution of the modern interior.

Light, air, space are the components on which the interior concept is built. These substances become the main values of the material world.

Real luxury consists in the self-sufficient emptiness of space and the active interaction of the interior with the external environment. For example, the composition of the interior is subordinated to the view from the window, which becomes the main decoration and accent.

True comfort lies not only in convenience, but also in harmony. When choosing elements, you need to strive for not only tactile, but also visual comfort. After all, utilitarian and aesthetic properties of things have value.

The key to successful work on the project is a productive dialogue between architects and customers and their mutual willingness to reach a compromise. Striving for perfection is a good reason to learn to separate the important from the secondary and listen to each other.