Design cannot be measured in square meters,
and each project is calculated individually.

"Complete" design project includes:
- visualization package;
- full set drawings.
Terms of execution of the design project from 2 to 8 weeks

Cost from $40. per square meter

"Minimal" design project includes:
- visualization package
- redevelopment plan with furniture arrangement
Design project execution time from 2 to 4 weeks

The cost is $30. per square meter

Author supervision during project implementation. Cost from $20. per square meter

Complete interior 20% of the cost of the design project.

Architectural design
Cost from $30. per square meter


Construction crew from $400. per square meter

Implementation includes:

  • dismantling/installation of partitions;
  • electrical installation works;
  • construction works;
  • screed/leveling mass;
  • plinth device;
  • painting works;
  • tiling works;
  • underfloor heating device;
  • installation/commissioning of the air conditioner;
  • raw materials (dry construction mixes, wires, etc.).

The design project includes:

  1. Dimensional drawing with reference to engineering communications
  2. Variants of planning solutions (up to 2 options)
  3. Stylish and color solutions (2-3 options)
  4. Plan after replanning
  5. Building dismantling and assembly plan
  6. Furniture placement plan. Floor plan
  7. Ceiling plan
  8. Lighting scheme with bindings
  9. Scheme of lighting arrangement, distribution of lines by switches
  10. Outlet placement plan
  11. Nodes of ceiling construction
  12. Scheme of a warm floor
  13. Diagram of door openings
  14. Conditioning diagram
  15. Plumbing equipment placement plan
  16. Bathroom layouts with material calculation
  17. Wall sweeps of all rooms with calculation of materials
  18. Furniture specification, with dimensions and links to stores
  19. Specification for electrical equipment
  20. Specification of lamps
  21. Visualization of the interior in the 3D StudioMax program (2-3 angles for each room)

Terms of execution of the design project are from 2 to 8 weeks

Architectural design

Draft project
Development of a set of documentation for coordination and approval with relevant authorities and services

Sketch design includes:

  1. Scheme of the general plan
  2. Floor plans
  3. Facades in color
  4. Section diagram
  5. 3D visualization

Terms of project execution from 2 to 6 weeks

Working project
Set of documentation necessary for further construction

The working project includes:

  1. General Plan
  2. Floor plans
  3. Sections
  4. Facades
  5. Roof plan
  6. Vertical layout plan
  7. Plans and explanation of floors
  8. Details of finishing the premises
  9. Architectural details
  10. Specifications
  11. 3D visualization
  12. Technical and economic indicators
  13. Estimates
  14. Explanatory note
  15. Constructions of foundations, walls, ceilings and coatings
  16. Plans, schemes, heating and ventilation calculations
  17. Plans, schemes, calculations for internal water supply and sewage

Terms of project execution from 2 to 8 weeks


Professional knowledge and design tricks will help:
•Correct the shortcomings of the existing planning
•Take technical limitations into account
(location of load-bearing walls, windows, features of the building and other technical facilities)
•Create a personal zone for each resident and ensure maximum comfort for all residents
Cost 2 redevelopment options with arrangement of all furniture and sanitary ware - $300