Art design as a direction of artistic design

Art design is considered as a modern direction of artistic design in order to study the artistic foundations of the complex formation of the architectural environment. Artistic design of the architectural environment is a kind of spatial art that turns the subject-spatial complex of conditions and circumstances of human existence into an object of artistic creativity. Artistic design is an informal approach to design that arises among artists and philosophers as a response to the official state approach "artistic design". Art design (eng. Art - art) - the concept of theatricalization, the art of reality. The artization of architecture is an attitude towards the flow of real life as a work of architecture, where the boundary between fiction and life, "being" and "everyday life" is erased. Reality freely enters the artificial world, and the art of architecture and design becomes the highest reality in the spirit of existential concepts of artistic creativity. For example, in the “cardboard” arches and fake scenery by M. Nunez-Janovsky (a theater director and stage designer by education), the fantasy world of architecture is “fused” with life into a single whole, full of transitions between “fictional” and “real”. The free posture of art design is a shaky basis for the duality of the worldview of an architect-designer who is forced to balance on the verge of pragmatism and aesthetics. A feature of art design is that the designer's efforts are aimed at organizing the artistic impressions received from the image of the perceived object. Products lose their utilitarian properties (or partially store them) and become almost exclusively decorative, exhibition, that is, emotions are actually projected. In connection with the transition to the market of "emotional purchases", the experience of creating works of art design is increasingly being used in the design of industrial design products. Art design is the embodiment and use of avant-garde trends that appeared at the intersection of arts and crafts, sculpture, architecture and design. This is a synthesis of artistic and architectural shaping based on the philosophy of design.

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